34 Signs Of A Cheating Husband To Watch Out For

Marriage is a relationship based on trust. Trust is not only difficult to build, it can take years to form a strong foundation. Cheating on the other hand is easy yet difficult to catch but by close observation and signs of infidelity it can be caught.

Cheating on your husband always begins with lying. It is this reason which makes it difficult to be caught. However one lie leads to another and another. By probing or asking questions for clarification can be a way to find out the truth. Use your gut feeling to pull out the truth and it always helps.

The following is a list of 34 signs of an unfaithful husband. They are not a comprehensive list but nonetheless, they are something you should look for if you suspect your husband is having an affair.
1) Sudden changes in attitude.

2) Absent mindedness, carelessness, forgetfulness.

3) Having low self esteem, mostly due to the confusion and guilt building up on them.

4) Avoiding the presence of the wife, being less intimate in relationship.

5) Sex life close to nonexistent.

6) Doesn’t spend enough time together.

7) Sharing /discussing fewer things than usual.

8) Showing no interests in spouses activities such as “I do not care” attitude.

9) Is bored with everything.

10) Doesn’t take responsibilities for doing household chores which they did with lot of enthusiasm before.

11) Staying away from home for long with no possible explanation.

12) Working long hours /going faraway places on official tour than usual.

13) Changes in routine, going out of the room to talk on the phone which they never did before.

14) They talk over the phone for long with an “unknown friend”.

15) Use low voice or whispers while talking and hanging up the call abruptly when the partner walks in the room unannounced.

16) Showing sudden interest in the way he looks, spending more time and money to look better.

17) Unexpected increase in expenditure. Credit card, phone bill goes up and makes no sense.

18) Your husband is more secretive.

19) Overprotective about their cell phone and computer and erases the call list in the phone, spends more time on the computer.

20) And keeps lying about a lot of things (big and small).

21) Constantly finds reason to fight.

22) Blames you for anything and everything which is usually out of guilt.

23) Fights become more common.

24) Is inquisitive about your daily schedule.

25) Keeps checking when you are not available at home and when you will be back.

26) Stops wearing wedding ring, gives lame excuses for not wearing it.

27) Clothes smell of different perfume.

28) Lipstick smudge, hair discovered on his shirt.

29) Has unexplained scratches or bruises.

30) Find birth control pills or condoms in the medicinal cabinet.

31) Get calls where the caller hangs up when she hears your voice.

32) Suddenly spouse start talking about an “old friend” or co-worker but won’t go into specific details and is purposely vague about them. This is a tell tale sign that your husband is cheating. Especially if they keep this friendship under wraps and evasive about introducing them.

33) There is sudden glow in his face when he talks about this friendship.

34) He is hesitant or defensive when spoken about infidelity or affair.

All these signs do not necessarily prove that your partner is cheating, they are merely tools to find the hidden truth behind.

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One thought on “34 Signs Of A Cheating Husband To Watch Out For

  1. Chloe L.

    A very interesting list indeed. This is what I would like to add. Do not let your own views to be the final but try to listen to what your husband has to say. If he promises that he will put an end to the extra martial relationship with other women and will never do such an act again, try to believe him.

    You may not be sure but watch his actions. They will let you understand what he said was true or a white lie. The fact is many men carve for an extra martial affair which is the worst part of their lives.

    Meanwhile you should be strong and not get into a state of depression. There is no use to blame yourself. Try to concentrate on things which you like to do. Allow people closer to you to pamper you.


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