4 Common Reasons For Wanting a Divorce of a Marriage

Sometimes people feel that their marriage is in tatters and the only option is to seek a divorce. These people do not analyze why they consider a divorce is the only recourse.

They do not think for a moment that this was the same person they loved so much when they were first married, continued to admire till recently and that there was no perceptible change in the attitude that merits a divorce. It is, perhaps, worthwhile to look at the various reasons why people think of breaking up their marriage and seek divorce.

1) Marriage is no longer sacrosanct.

For centuries, people regarded marriage as sacred and an inseparable bond between the married couple. However, a marriage is no longer sacrosanct these days.

Some people feel that they married for wrong reasons or never wanted marriage to be long-lasting. Younger generation is influenced by TV programs where celebrities are seen in non-conventional relationships and consequently. A very good example is the short marriage between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. These youngsters do not attach any importance to marriage. It is better for such people who do not value marriage to seek divorce instead of continuing with it

2) Not knowing each other.

Another reason why people prefer divorce is because they have married for too quickly before both the married couple could have any occasion to know each other properly. Sometimes intense desire for union would have prevailed over marrying early rather than waiting for real love to blossom.

After marriage, when the person finds more about his wife, he begins to question his own wisdom about marrying her in the first place. In such a situation a possible solution would be to make a sincere effort to understand her in more detail and pick up those aspects about the spouse that he can begin to love and appreciate.

3) Financial difficulties.

Another important reason why a person wants a divorce from his wife is that with the severe financial problems, he is not able to lead a comfortable married life. It is quite possible that when they married none of them was aware of how they were going to earn sufficient money to settle regularly all their bills.

At that time the person must have thought the marriage would strengthen their bond and sustain their union. As it has not happened that way, the person seeking divorce should explore various options to improve the financial position and not press for divorce.

Some of these options include joining a training course to learn a new trade, search for more lucrative job or availing the services of a financial consultant for managing the available financial resources better.

4) Mistrust between husband and wife.

It may be a case of mistrust in his or her spouse. This may be due to a genuine reason or one of the partners feel that there is no longer any attraction towards the other. In this case, proper communication is the essence. A regular contact between the husband and the wife is essential.

If a husband loves his wife, he should express it. It always pays to be truthful. If one of the partners has made any mistake, he or she should acknowledge it rather than trying to cover it up.

If there is disharmony between the couple, they should sort out themselves the issues that are bothering them. From these examples it may be clear that whatever be the issues there are always numerous options other than divorce.

The person seeking divorce should take time and exhaust all the available options before thinking of divorce. He or she would ultimately realize that divorce is not at all necessary and that the marriage would after all work well.

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