Do Most Women Tell Their Husbands He Must End His Affair? Why or Why Not?

Quite often some women find themselves in a delicate position. They know that their husbands are having an affair, but they are not sure how to make them break that affair.

At times, the husband knows well that his wife is not only aware of his affair with some other woman but also knows how she has taken it.

Sometimes we come across a situation where a wife does not corner her husband questioning him about his affair. This is because she is not clear how to broach this subject with him.

Some wives follow “wait and watch” approach in anticipation that the affair would peter out so that they need not divulge to their husbands about what they know about the affair .They adopt this method as they are conscious of the fact that if they disclose everything of what they know about the affair, consequences would be disastrous.

On many occasions, what normally makes wives to force the issue and confront their husbands is their anxiety to see that the affair ends quickly. It is painful enough for the wife to know about her husband’s affair, but to simply remain helpless and allow matters drift further is something different.

Quite often many women meet marriage counselors or consultants to pour their woes before them. In most of the cases, the husband knows that his wife is aware of his affair.

When cornered several times, he pleads innocence and tells lies. Some of these women investigate the matter and even find out about how long this affair is going on and whether the other woman is known to her. They also trace their movements.

These women tell the consultants that they had waited for long, hoping that soon their husbands would realize their folly and terminate the affair on their own. The dilemma being faced by these women is that as things did not happen the way they had expected, when should they confront their husbands and demand ending the affair forthwith?

How do most of the affected wives set about tackling this problem? Should they insist upon ending the affair and threaten them with dire consequences, if they do not do so? On the other hand, should they exercise patience and observe for some more time what happens in course of time?

We shall consider answers to these questions in the following paragraphs, though wives are as diverse as their marriages. The approach of women in these matters is not alike.

Very few wives simply sit quiet and wait for their husbands to terminate their extramarital relationship as and when he feels.

Instead, they force the issue and initiate a few steps towards ending the affair. These women exercise certain options to ensure that their husband’s end their affair.

In most cases, they tell their husbands that they are already aware of the affair and ask her husbands to break the affair without further delay. As a first step in saving their marriage, some husbands will repent for their wrong doings, apologize to their wives and immediately end the affair.

Others are not so strong- minded. Several others openly admit about their passionate feelings for the other woman. They will indicate that they require some time to decide. They have to decide what they want to do. They need to choose between the wife and the other woman.

The turn of the wife comes next to decide what she should do. She has to decide between two options, whether take a tough stand and insist that her husband end the affair immediately and stipulate resultant consequences, if he does not comply with her demands.

Alternatively, she can keep away from him till he comes to a conclusion. It is difficult to suggest a particular course of action. Anyway it is certain that a lot of men do not take such ultimatums kindly and those who unwillingly end the affair will find some means to blame their wives for bringing the situation to such a stage so much so that they are always shown in a poor light.

Consultants receive plenty of messages regarding this on their blogs from both husbands and wives. In most of the cases, the result is normally positive if the husband decides to break the affair. It is the best solution if he can do this as he is aware that he has committed a mistake and that it is his responsibility to make amends for it.

He should finally convince his wife that for him marriage and his family are more valuable than any other aspect in his personal life. When a person makes a decision himself there would not be any bitterness or anger between the married couple and the marriage will most likely survive.

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