Announcement: How To Survive An Affair By Dr.Frank Gunzburg Review

Dr. Frank Gunzburg, a PhD and professional marriage counselor has been providing face-to-face counseling service for over 35 years, understands the painful experience couples have to go through. He has created a special program call, “How To Survive An Affair” to help people to work out their relationship challenges.
Brand: How To Survive An Affair

It is a very hard experience to go through when you found out your life partner has cheated on you. It is an emotional roller-coaster ride which most of the time will end up in a painful breakup or divorce.

Some couples will seek help to save their relationship while others will be numbed by the feeling of shock, sadness, anger, helplessness, fear, resentment etc, they simply do not know what to do. For more information on Dr. Gunzburg’s material, you can visit his main web site at

How To Survive An Affair Review

Dr. Frank Gunzburg’s How To Survive An Affair book is a step by step system for saving your relationship after it has been shattered by an affair. Is it really possible to save a relationship after you have been betrayed by your partner’s secret affair? According to Dr. Gunzburg, restoring trust after an affair might seem like empty promises and may even sound too good to be true, nonetheless, it is possible.

Based on his 35 years of marriage counseling experience, Dr. Gunzburg has seen what works and what doesn’t in healing a relationship. The How To Survive An Affair book was created based on his observation on couples that managed to rekindle their love after one of them had an affair.

Knowing What To Do To Start Healing

Because of the intense pain couples are going through due to an affair, trying to talk about the details when there are still a lot of negative feelings may not be a good idea. There is a correct path in the healing process.

In the How To Survive An Affair, Dr. Gunzburg has broken up his program into 3 specific phases for restoring the trust back into your relationship. These phases have to be followed in the exact order to achieve optimum results. The phases are:

1) Phase 1 – Individual Healing

In this phase, individual partner has to understand his or her personal feelings and sorting through their emotions after the affair. There is no use trying to talk things over when your emotion is running wild. A simple conversation will tend to lead into a shouting feud.

The first challange a couple has to overcome is to get the images and negative thoughts out of their mind before any reconciliation can begin.

2) Phase II – Healing as a Couple

In this phase, the system focuses mainly on helping you to establish a healthy way to communicate with your partner. This is the stage when you should talk about the affair, approach forgiveness and protect your relationship from further harm.

3) Phase III – Negotiating a Renewed Relationship

The final phase of Dr. Frank Gunzburg’s How To Survive An Affair book is understanding how to rebuilt and sustain a new trust-filled relationship. This is where you will notice more emotional predictability and truthfulness. When you reached this stage, your relationship will start to experience reassurance, attention, caring, support and stability.

Does Dr. Frank Gunzburg Program Works?

The key question here is, will Dr. Frank Gunzburg’s How To Survive An Affair program work for you? Throughout the years, Dr. Gunzburg has seen many couples rebuild trust and rekindle their love after using his system.

Honestly, no one knows if his program will work for you. Even though there are literally hundreds of actual testimonials from people that have used his program, the only person that can guarantee success is you.

Nonetheless, if you are feeling hurt because your partner had an affair, my suggestion is to take small steps to start healing your relationship. If you are looking for ways to get back with your partner, I hope this Dr. Gunzburg’s How to Survive An Affair review has been helpful for you.

Latest Update

As of January 2017, Dr. Gunzburg How To Survive An Affair program is not available to the public anymore.

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19 thoughts on “Announcement: How To Survive An Affair By Dr.Frank Gunzburg Review

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  5. Srigoshni

    I read your book and have gone through the entire volume. prima facie i know there is a lot of work that needs to be done to make this relationship work. but i am at a point where i dont know if its good for me to give a shot at this relationship.

    my husband and i met 12 years ago, lived together, married, had a sexless marriage with little emotional support coming my way. he is very insensitive and callous and selfish as a person but does not really mean any harm to anybody. i have taken all his quirks in my stride because i valued our relationship and him. we now have a 3 year old daughter. he s had 3 affairs in the last 3 years. the first one was a one tyime sexual encounter that was planned for about two weeks before it happened. the second one was similar except that the count increased to twice-did not extend cos there were no opportunities to meet. the third and the last one where i caught him was with our close frds wife. this is the most difficult for me to cope with. he s spent lotas of money and time on this woman at a time when i left my job to cxare for the baby so that we have a good life. i had time to spend with him, he had changed jobs so that he could focus on me and the child and as soon as he hot the time he started this affair. he s spent holidays and weekends with her, he s taken her on a holiday, he s had a torrid sexual experience with her making love to her three times in a span of 6 hours which he s never been able to do with me.

    now he s come back saying he loves me, i am the most important person in his life and that he did this for flattery.

    should i even attempt to live with him when it is so clear that he finds other women sexually more attractive than me? can a marriage survive on just mutual understanding, intellectual compatibility and a child to rear? he says he realised his sexual capabilities only after he met her.

    1. Will Post author

      Dear Srigoshni, thank you. Really appreciate your willingness to share your story.

      When a couple exchanges vows to solemnizing the marriage, they expect that their marriage would be ever lasting. However, in practice every marriage has its ups and downs and some marriages may even collapse soon after the marriage. There are also couples explore ways and means to bring harmony back in their marital relationship. This article looks at the various issues that strain the marital relationships and offer several tips to revive the marriage.

      Quite often marital relations get affected because of certain serious problems the couple may have. If these issues are not sorted out in time, they are bound to jeopardize their marriage. If disloyalty is the issue or financial problems are causing stress or any other major problem is troubling the relationship, a ‘therapy’ may help. One of the best methods is free and frank communication between husband and wife. Efforts should be made to clear misunderstandings and patch up the strained relations without seeking any external help.

      If this does not work, it is better for the husband to consult a specialist either along with his spouse or alone. An expert on these matters can assist the affected person in dealing with his own feelings or facilitate working out appropriate strategies for communicating with the spouse.

      Sometimes even small grievances or complaints, if not handled properly, can assume serious proportions and affect a marriage. Just as a husband has complaints against his wife about soiled clothes scattered across the floor, the wife may have equal number of complaints or even more against the husband.

      As in other cases, communication between the partners is the best method to handle the awkward situation smoothly. The husband can express his concerns and at the same time listen to what his wife has to say about him. This can help both the partners to understand the problem and make mutual adjustments. A ‘give and take’ approach will go a long way in making up in a marriage and live together peacefully without quarrels.

      Thank you again. I know the blog readers will definitely benefit from your willingness to share.

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  10. Winnie

    What a blog post!! Very informative and also easy to understand. Looking for more such comments!! Do you have a facebook? I recommended it on digg. The only thing that it’s missing is a bit of new design. However thank you for this information.

  11. Peter Burnswell

    For women! overall the number 1 tip, is to give him recognitions and acknowledgment for the things that he’s done. He likes to be admired for a job well done, It can be as simple as praising him for fixing things around the house, or for paying the bills. You should also give him the feeling of accomplishment, so be a little challenging at times, but ultimately give him what he wants in the end, which is the validation or acceptance. With this, he well probably never cheat on your at all!

    1. Will Post author

      As you said Peter, simple admiration from a wife can go along way to mend a rocky marriage.

      At times, mending a marriage concerns creating some space between the married couple to calm down frayed tempers and have time to think coolly keeping aside all the emotions. This is because a marital relationship is meant to be ever lasting, though it does not always work out that way.

      In spite of hurt relationships, the spouse would normally like very much to get back their marriage on rails as much as the husband desires. If someone is serious about revival of their marriage, it is desirable that he gives some space to his life-partner so that marital relationship can get back to normalcy at the earliest.

      If the issues affecting the marriage are nothing to do with financial problems, betrayal or other major problems, but something to do with lack of closeness, mending a marriage involves approaching the problem from a different angle.

      A few romantic trips away from home with the spouse so that the husband can establish intimate relationships with his wife once again and that way, in no time, the marriage gets revived. It is not at all desirable to get back ex-lover. On the other hand, certain simple steps to maintain marital relationship lively, entertaining and intimate are the most effect methods to avert a breakup of a marriage.

      The issues threatening marriage may be different and every marriage will be at different phases. While in some cases restoring a strained marital relationship may involve a ‘therapy’, in respect of others, it may be simply spending a romantic night with his wife away from the normal hustle-bustle of the city or town.

      Once the correct decisions are made by the husband and effective methods are followed to set right the marriage, one should erase from his mind any thought of reviving old relationships as the marriage is once again on a firm- footing.

  12. Duddy

    I think this is a great strucutred and sequenced counseling approach to overcoming an affair. As a pro-marriage counselor I’ve witnessed first hand how the most distressed marriages can be made stronger than they ever were through an approach like Dr. Gunzburgs. Thank you for sharing a great review!

    1. Will Post author

      Couldn’t agree with you more, Duddy.

      People who faced the same situation and have finally ended up in divorce are of the opinion that their attempts are not even worth trying as divorce is the only option left. There are people who would suggest that what the point in dragging the tainted relations which makes your life miserable. It could be quite terrifying to live in such a situation which gives you horrifying days as well as horrifying nights. Arguments will lead to more heartburn and resentments and you will feel more trapped. This too is a fact that all couples who are facing the same situation do not end up in divorcing each other.

      Many still manage to mend their ways and bring back their married life on the right track. Personally, if you ask my views, my observation is totally different, my belief is that you can actually rebuild your relations. It is quite possible to lay once again the solid foundation after you successfully identify the reasons and try to solve existing problems.

      You need to have courage to eliminate any resentments and issues and save your marriage. Tough it is true the married life is based on love and trust, but at the same time any breach of trust or faith can completely ruin and mar the entire scene. Breaking marriage and divorcing your partner can leave a deep scar on you; this will keep you haunting throughout your life. It is worth it to adopt an attitude of forgiving and forgetting; this will not only save your married life but will encourage you to lead a normal life.

      You will be relieved that you have actually saved a relation which was at the verge of break up, keep your eyes closed and think, you will realize that you took the best decision. Your cheater partner will also realize that you have big heart and will love you more.

  13. Thomas

    Dr. Frank Gunzburg, thank you for your informational content on this blog. You have make it simple to help build back a marriage by breaking it down into 3 steps to follow. Thanks once again for your efforts!

    1. Will Post author

      Hi Thomas, thanks for your comments. I really appreciate them :)

      Overcoming an affair in a marriage is no easy task. People who have faced cheating and extra marital relations from their partners are often discouraged, the reason is that they have tried everything but have failed in their attempts. It is quite natural, if they think that whatever they have done or are doing is totally worthless.

      Once I heard from a wife that her husband had an affair a year before and to save the marriage both had to struggle very hard. Both were trying very hard but the relations were still strained. The wife once again imposed her trust on her partner, but still she was afraid that the man may cheat her once again. Whenever he used to say that he loves me, I always had lack of trust and it was really hard to believe. This also had impact on the sexual life due to lack of faith. It seems these relations are simply obligations and nothing else.

      Everyday seems to be a new challenge and it seems that everything is over between both of us; it seems that we are simply pulling on the relations which has nothing left and is not worth it. If you ask this question to experts you are surely to get different answers.

  14. Zoe

    My name is Zoe and I am great full to all who’ve shared. 5 months ago I had a relapse with alcohol. It wasn’t the first time and it was a really difficult time. My husband of 15 years sought comfort in the arms of a woman who had an x who was an alcoholic. As a result he had an emotional and somewhat physical affair. He denied they had sex but admitted to other things that devastated me. I know my alcoholism was difficult to deal with but don’t believe it’s to blame for the affair. He called her over 600 times in 2 months, went to her house and even used our daughter as an excuse to see her ( her daughter and mine were friends) I’m heartbroken and can’t let it go. He was so cruel and callous when I needed him most. I warned him not to see her that it could start an affair and he ignored me. Since all this happened he’s begged me for forgiveness, feels riddled with guilt but my feelings have changed. We r in counseling but Im scared and lost. All i can think of is the two of them together. He even spent my birthday with her. Im so hurt and angry. I have lost all trust and respect. My husband has never been a cheater. He criticized those who did it. I’m sober nearly 5 months and debating wether or not to leave him. I don’t know if I can move on. Please if anyone has advice, I’d b most greatful.


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