Office Romance – Work Place Affairs Turning Into A Wild Fire

In spite of several risks associated with ‘sexual harassments’ and contrary to traditional wisdom, romance at a workplace is a common feature these days. However, a love affair can lead to a damaging effect on one’s prospects in the job and have a negative impact on the office atmosphere.

Although many office-goers feel that indulgence in romance gradually developing into a partnership is a welcome diversion from continuous office routine, it causes serious distraction in the office routine and increases the work of human resources department in bringing some order in the office environment.

Some of these people who consider romancing in the office is nothing wrong believe that a transparent love-affair is better than secret relationships. Many recent surveys have indicated that around 80 percent of employees are either aware of a love affair in their offices or have indulged in such relationships themselves.

The romance in office typically starts with a seemingly inadvertent pat on the back by the male employee as he passes his female colleague in the office and is meant to convey that there is some affinity between them. An exchange of cell phone messages, fixing up dates or amorous messages conveying passionate feelings is the next normal step in the development of relationship these days.

Majority of their tea and lunch breaks are spent in an Internet Cafe near the office or sending emails to each other from the office itself. From then on, the romantic affair takes a familiar course.
A date is fixed in a motel for some time later in the evening. The couple spends the evening in ardent gestures, like pats on the back, lip-to-lip contacts, convulsive laughter etc. They give an impression of a happy husband and wife, though it could be a case of a female boss enticing her junior male member of staff for the fun of it or to satisfy her sexual appetite.

These types of male employees are corrupted by this female power of attraction and in that process; they lose control over themselves and the ability to think rationally. How extra marital relationship in office can affect office decorum and devastate family life can be understood by looking at an example from Tanzania.

The affair between a female boss and her junior staff is quite common in Tanzania. In a typical case involving a female boss, it is she who had ignited the spark of romance erupting eventually into a wild fire.

The steady love affair would have assumed more dangerous proportions had it not gone to the notice of the male staff member’s wife. The wife was naturally shattered and filed for a divorce because of her husband’s betrayal in their marital relationship.

Love affairs in office are often extended to the homes and become a way of life. These affairs invariably disrupt harmony in marital life and dent severely its integrity. An office staff that encourages a system of having an affair with the boss appears unaffected and may even terrorize his colleagues.

If this system goes on unchecked, the entire office atmosphere gets corrupted. We cannot also refute the fact that a few relationships in office eventually resulted in a healthy marriage. Some employees having affairs with their colleagues may take a stand that these relationships have motivated them to increase their working efficiency.

However, for any organization to be effective nowadays should take into account moral standards and social responsibility. Bosses should always set high moral standards, which lower level staff can emulate. Bosses should always try to maintain healthy working relationships with their colleagues as well as junior members of staff.

Indecent gossips and passes between employer and employee should be totally discouraged. Even if the boss and the employee happen to be husband and wife, they need not exhibit their intimate feelings towards each other in public. A better office atmosphere and decent and healthy relationships in office should be the motto for any progressive and dynamic organization.

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