What It Takes To Have A Successful Relationship

It is foreseen that in about 50 years, the life-span of people will increase appreciably and they will be living up to 125 years. There will be a number of instances of people marrying and divorcing at least thrice before finding real match around 75 years of age.

With this known information, it is high time the relationship patterns are altered. Relationships are not going smooth these days for many singles and couples. Countless workshops on relationships revealed that it has become very essential to rework relationships for the future.

Many singles and couples find they do not come across strong role models in their society for them to emulate. A relationship plan for singles and couples is a lifetime education. The learning process should begin with the person concerned who is trying to understand the relationship pattern.

It involves considerable time, endeavor and money to understand and distinguish profound emotional marks right from the childhood. Pre-marital counseling of couples before marriage is quite uncommon. Unlike other areas, no test is needed to conceive a baby or to be a parent who takes responsibility for fostering and mental development of the child.

In relationships, if the desire for a possible partner increases, rational thinking takes a backstage and emotions control our mind resulting in disastrous decisions. After some time when that person faces reality, he starts reexamining his relationship needs and develops an action plan for the fulfillment or alteration of the relationship.

Relationship assessment should be made mandatory for every adolescent and adult before issuing a marriage certificate. Planned Parenthood should be given much more importance than birth control. A thorough counseling for more than a week and exhaustive appraisal is needed, if he or she plans to marry at the age of 50 to 75 years in order to ensure success of the proposal.

Most of the couples follow this approach these days. The success rate of couples who undergo premarital counseling programs is comparatively higher than the couples adopting a trial and error approach. The instances of couples living together before marriage have been increasing these days and such relationships normally fail and the rate of failure is around 67% much more than marriage, which is 50%.

According to analysts, live-in relationship approach is likely to be the most acceptable method of partnership in the next 25 years. This is because it offers more flexibility and independence. However, the marriage certificate issued by the government is still the final instrument signifying firm commitment. It means that the couple is committed to live together, committed to their families and the society.

There will always be scope for desertion in live-in relationships as it lacks official credentials. It is mentally a tough task for children to consider their parents as partners and it is hard to introduce the relationship partner as a spouse when there is no legal sanctity. Apart from this, a number of legal issues might emerge when a partner expires or becomes sick.

All couples have problems in relationships. Live-in relationships are not the solution for failed relationships and marriages. In relationships there are sometimes difficulties. What is important is how one handles these relationship problems. Most genuine and open communication takes place during hearted exchanges when there are disagreements.

Communication is one of the best channels that one uses to connect with his or her partner. However, in practice the connection is more through physical contact than oral method. Since many people are not clear about their body language, their actions convey better than words.

Communication is an art that requires understanding and acceptance from the other person. Listening classes, starting in grammar school, would prevent and decrease the divorce rate because most partners believe they are never heard, much less understood. When you’re incapable of resolving conflicts through communication, issues become problems and time is never an asset, frustration is increased, intimacy is decreased and trust becomes a topic of concern.

Some experts say that a successful relationship can be predicted by how fast a couple can resolve conflict. It is never the issue that destroys relationships. Issues may be resolved or not. How and when you resolve the issues has more impact on the success of a relationship. Listening classes or studying in grammar school would prevent or reduce instances of divorce as most of the partners feel that they are never heard and understood.

When one has no ability to resolve disagreements through communication, simple issues become major problems leading to increase in disappointments and in the process, intimacy or closeness gets diminished and mistrust increases.

According to experts, a successful relationship can be assessed on the basis of how quickly couples resolve disputes between them. How one resolves the conflicts between them has a bearing on the success of a relationship.

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