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How To Regain Your Wife’s Trust After You Had An Affair

To prove yourself to your wife after an affair, you must be willing to break all ties with the other woman. This is non negotiable. If you truly want to win back you wife’s affection, there is no other way around it. You must completely restrain from any inappropriate behavior with the opposite sex from now on.

Your wife will be watchful now that you have cheated on her. She might even jump to conclusions when nothing’s even going on. Which leads me to my next thought:

After an affair, there will be a great deal of tension between you and wife. That is to be expected, isn’t it? You will need to tread lightly around her, because her trust and patience will have dwindled.

You must do things for her to rebuild your credibility from her back up, and not create more tension and problems. This means, if she is bickering or being mean (which is completely understandable given the situation), you must show compassion and understanding, not feed the fire.

The buildup will probably be slow. There will be many times when you wish that everything could go back to the way it was before you had an affair, but this is your punishment, and you can’t expect your wife to just forgive you right away.

It takes time, and you can try to use this as time to get to know your wife again, and try to make her as happy and comfortable as you can, because after something like that, she will be feeling self-conscious and unsure of herself.

Give Her Space

Sometimes your wife will ask for time to herself instead of wanting to make amends right away. No matter how bad it makes you feel, you should honor this request.

She might use this time to find herself again, to analyze the situation by taking a step back, or to just cope in her own way. You should make sure she knows you are around if ever she needs you, but not to push it farther than that. She’ll come back when she’s ready.

The most important thing is to make sure that she knows you are committed to making the marriage work. You need to show her that you’ll do whatever you can to fix the problem you’ve created. Now isn’t the time for you to be moody or impatient with your wife’s feelings or requests.

You needs to humble yourself, and do anything to show her that you wants the marriage to work. After what you’ve put her through, you won’t be able to apologize enough!

So, in conclusion, if you’ve cheated on your wife, you must first break all ties with the other woman, and then prove to your wife that it is completely over. This means no inappropriate conduct around other women, and to be aware that your wife will now be extra perspective of your actions.

You will also need to prove that you truly want the marriage to work, and that you will do whatever it takes to win back her trust, whether this means honoring her request for distance, listening to her patiently, or doing household chores.

Lastly, you need to make sure that your wife knows you are truly invested in her, and that you won’t ever do this kind of thing again.

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