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Announcement: How To Survive An Affair By Dr.Frank Gunzburg Review

Dr. Frank Gunzburg, a PhD and professional marriage counselor has been providing face-to-face counseling service for over 35 years, understands the painful experience couples have to go through. He has created a special program call, “How To Survive An Affair” to help people to work out their relationship challenges.
Brand: How To Survive An Affair

It is a very hard experience to go through when you found out your life partner has cheated on you. It is an emotional roller-coaster ride which most of the time will end up in a painful breakup or divorce.

Some couples will seek help to save their relationship while others will be numbed by the feeling of shock, sadness, anger, helplessness, fear, resentment etc, they simply do not know what to do. For more information on Dr. Gunzburg’s material, you can visit his main web site at www.marriagesherpa.com/.

How To Survive An Affair Review

Dr. Frank Gunzburg’s How To Survive An Affair book is a step by step system for saving your relationship after it has been shattered by an affair. Is it really possible to save a relationship after you have been betrayed by your partner’s secret affair? According to Dr. Gunzburg, restoring trust after an affair might seem like empty promises and may even sound too good to be true, nonetheless, it is possible.

Based on his 35 years of marriage counseling experience, Dr. Gunzburg has seen what works and what doesn’t in healing a relationship. The How To Survive An Affair book was created based on his observation on couples that managed to rekindle their love after one of them had an affair.

Knowing What To Do To Start Healing

Because of the intense pain couples are going through due to an affair, trying to talk about the details when there are still a lot of negative feelings may not be a good idea. There is a correct path in the healing process.

In the How To Survive An Affair, Dr. Gunzburg has broken up his program into 3 specific phases for restoring the trust back into your relationship. These phases have to be followed in the exact order to achieve optimum results. The phases are:

1) Phase 1 – Individual Healing

In this phase, individual partner has to understand his or her personal feelings and sorting through their emotions after the affair. There is no use trying to talk things over when your emotion is running wild. A simple conversation will tend to lead into a shouting feud.

The first challange a couple has to overcome is to get the images and negative thoughts out of their mind before any reconciliation can begin.

2) Phase II – Healing as a Couple

In this phase, the system focuses mainly on helping you to establish a healthy way to communicate with your partner. This is the stage when you should talk about the affair, approach forgiveness and protect your relationship from further harm.

3) Phase III – Negotiating a Renewed Relationship

The final phase of Dr. Frank Gunzburg’s How To Survive An Affair book is understanding how to rebuilt and sustain a new trust-filled relationship. This is where you will notice more emotional predictability and truthfulness. When you reached this stage, your relationship will start to experience reassurance, attention, caring, support and stability.

Does Dr. Frank Gunzburg Program Works?

The key question here is, will Dr. Frank Gunzburg’s How To Survive An Affair program work for you? Throughout the years, Dr. Gunzburg has seen many couples rebuild trust and rekindle their love after using his system.

Honestly, no one knows if his program will work for you. Even though there are literally hundreds of actual testimonials from people that have used his program, the only person that can guarantee success is you.

Nonetheless, if you are feeling hurt because your partner had an affair, my suggestion is to take small steps to start healing your relationship. If you are looking for ways to get back with your partner, I hope this Dr. Gunzburg’s How to Survive An Affair review has been helpful for you.

Latest Update

As of January 2017, Dr. Gunzburg How To Survive An Affair program is not available to the public anymore.

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