How To Write An “I Am Sorry” Letter That Works

Every relationship goes through its own ups and downs from time to time. People change in course of time, so do their expectations from their relationship and therefore things can become a little shaky between them.

It is often much easier to deal with problematic issues by writing an “I am sorry” letter rather than talking it out face to face. When a person is upset with you, they are not often inclined to see your face! This is the bitter truth that one needs to understand.

In the time that has elapsed since you broke up your relationship, you can assess what it really means to you. If you value the relationship and are keen on mending fences with your loved one, then you should actively consider writing a letter to them.

If you sit down and send a letter that is hand written, it will send a very important message to the receiver that you still care deeply about them. The fact that you are taking the time to hand write your thoughts and feelings can work wonders in helping them to perceive you in a far better light.

This is not about how well written your letter is. It is all about your emotions. If you are scared that your letter will be full of mistakes, you could type it out on your computer, do a spelling and grammar check on it and when you are satisfied with the end product, you could copy it out by hand and send it to your loved one.

Using Top Class Stationary

This hand written letter pouring out your feelings should go out on a good quality stationery. Besides this, please write out the letter neatly so that it is legible to the receiver.

This does not mean that you are entering into a handwriting contest. Just make sure that the receiver of this letter gets the point of what you are aiming to convey through your letter.

The letter that you are sending need not even be too heavy with emotion or anything like that. It can even be lighthearted as long as the message that you are missing them and wish to stay connected gets across.
In case you have done something to hurt them, you could be upfront and apologize for causing so much distress. You could reiterate all those qualities about your loved one which you admire and miss.

You could also mention the good times you had together and remind them about how close you were at one point.

My Personal Experience With An Apology Letter

I too had a situation with a very good friend with whom I never thought I would fight. But fight we did and it was so nasty that I told my other friends that I would no longer have anything to do with her.

But then, one day she sent me a handwritten letter apologizing for her bad behavior and also reminding me about our past bond. I was shocked to see a letter from her in the mail and that too a handwritten one in which she had genuinely poured out her feelings.

By the time I put it down, my eyes were wet with tears and there was no doubt that I would forgive her. In fact I would go further and say that this act of hers after our fight has brought us closer than we had been before the rift.

I would like to repeat that if you too have a broken relationship that you would like to mend, please send them a sincere handwritten letter with all your feelings in it and I am sure that it will do wonders in setting things right between you.

In fact, handwritten letters are a great way to connect with someone irrespective of whether you have had a falling out.

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